Business Law

Business law can be a scary place, even for the most ambitious entrepreneurs. Handling items such as employee handbooks, shareholder, vendor, or employee agreements, partnership or operating agreements without experienced counsel could put your assets, employees, and reputation in jeopardy.

That’s why from the biggest corporations to the smallest family-owned ventures, every company can benefit from the aid of seasoned legal counsel for business planning, handling day to day operations, and managing potential or actual litigation.

I have the knowledge and experience to handle all of your business legal needs. I anticipate your challenges and help you achieve your goals while delivering precise and deliberate legal counsel. And as an entrepreneur and business owner myself, I know first-hand the unique challenges you face.

I also provides comprehensive Outside General Counsel services on fixed-fee or percentage of revenue or profit basis.

I work with large and small companies on a wide variety of corporate legal matters, including:

  • Start-Up/New Business: Whether you just need a new Articles of Incorporation or wish to form a new Corporation, Partnership, or other legal entity, I can help you assess the benefits of each and assist your through the process of Incorporation. Learn more here.
  • Contract Drafting: I am experienced in drafting the following key agreements to protect and benefit clients: asset purchase, employment, sales, joint venture, confidentiality and non-disclosure, trade secret, non-compete, buy-sell, stock purchase, service agreements, releases, software design and service, management agreements, rental and lease, intellectual property license and transfer agreements, and lease agreements, etc.
  • Corporate Governance, Directors and Officers Liability: It’s important to specify the diligence and responsibilities of company directors and officers, and I’ll be there to help you draft the documents that govern such actions and allocate liability.
  • Shareholder and Member Agreements: I’ll help you make sense of the complexities of shareholder and member agreements and procedures.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: My precise contracts are designed to protect your company’s investments and assets, because I know that mergers, sales, and acquisitions require skill and diligence.
  • Intellectual Property: In today’s digital economy, valuable intellectual property rights, such as copyrights and trademarks, can be duplicated on a large scale and at virtually no cost. This can dilute your brand and devalue your work. That is why I register trademarks and copyrights. I am also experienced in enforcing and litigating copyright, trademark, and patent rights. Learn more here.

Whatever your business needs, I offer the versatility, knowledge, and ingenuity to help your company.