Start-Up & Small Business Packages

Starting and establishing a business requires a lot of time and commitment. Cash must be spent wisely and every decision may cause irreparable consequences.

I am committed to giving Small Businesses and Start-Ups the attention they deserve by listening to their needs and tailoring solutions that will help them achieve their goals.

I have assisted clients in various industries, including health, tech, marketing, transportation, food and retail, and they understand that a strong legal foundation is essential to reduce business risk, and increase profitability.

With that in mind I have create special fixed-fees packages that allow entrepreneurs to receive exceptional legal services while knowing exactly how much they will spend:

Single Owner Entity Formation

I offer the following single owner entity formation package at a flat fee of $950:

  • Initial consultation to understand the business and determine the best formation structure (usually LLC or Corporation).​
  • Preliminary Name Search and Clearance with the Ohio or Michigan Secretary of State to ensure the name selected is available.
  • Filing Articles of Organization or Incorporation with the Ohio or Michigan Secretary of State.
  • Custom drafted Operating Agreement or By-Laws and Code of Regulations.
  • Create Membership/Stock Certificates and Membership Interest/Shareholder Ledger to prove ownership.
  • Obtain EIN number from the IRS.
  • Create Corporate Records Binder, which will house the new entity’s organizational documents and other important documents.
  • Final consultation to execute documents before a Notary Public and answer follow up questions.

Multiple Owner Entity Formation

Same as Single Owner Entity Formation but with multiple owners for fixed fees starting at $2,450.

Brand Protection Package

Names and logos have the important purpose to carry out a business’ goodwill and reputation. In order to avoid misuse of your name and logo and to ensure enforceability, the registration of your trademarks with the USPTO is highly recommended. So I offer this package at $1,250/mark.

  • Initial consultation to gather information and determine whether the name or logo can be trademarked.
  • Conduct a wide-ranging search of: (i) the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s TESS database, (ii) databases of all 50 States and Puerto Rico, and (iii) common law databases for marks that might be confusingly similar to any marks developed.
  • Determine which goods and services classes any marks should be registered under with the USPTO.
  • Properly describe the marks with the goals of distinguishing them from other similar marks and obtaining registration.
  • File and follow-up on trademark application with the USPTO.